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New Omegaverse Series

I have a new omegaverse series idea. And, as always, these are not your typical ABOs.

I wanted to give you a bit of background on it for a couple of reasons. One, my characters won't stop talking to me. I've got the new ones for book two yacking when book one isn't yet complete.

I wanted to give my ABOs more human characteristics. Vulnerabilities. Fears. Strengths. Awkwardness even. As a counselor I've had to study stages of human development a lot. We all go through these stages. I've adapted this to my ABOs. Why is it that Alphas and Omegas meeting for the first time might feel insecure, or uncertain what their instincts are saying? I can remember as a teenager and young adult being confused by what was going on in my head, heart, and body.

Second, in my view of the omegaverse dynamic, Alphas and Omegas may not be well understood. Sort of like the Melungeons or Appalachian people in general in the Appalachian Mountains. And perhaps because of that, they withdraw to create their own private haven like the one you'll find in the Ogenach Mountain Alphas series.

Ely is a town where Alphas and Omegas come to escape the persecution of the world outside the town's borders. Alphas and Omegas are misunderstood by most Betas who persecute them and treat them unfairly. Alphas are often murdered by gangs of Betas who are never punished for their crimes. Betas who support their Alpha and Omega friends or family have moved to Ely. It's a small town to start out with, but it grows throughout the series.

In book one, which I think I'll call McKellan's Omega or Ian's Omega (not entirely sure yet), you'll meet Ian McKellan who is on his way to Ely. He wants nothing more than to escape to Ely where his childhood friend Toby, a Beta, now lives. Ian buys a three-hundred-acre plot of land from Toby and proceeds to build his homestead there.

Emily is an Omega who has grown up in questionable circumstances after the death of her father when she was just a child. Her mother is an alcoholic who married a Beta who hates Emily. He adds nothing but strife and chaos to her world. Emily wants nothing more than to get out on her own. She finds a job in a restaurant, saving money until she has enough for a car, then for an apartment. One night when she leaves work, she witnesses her stepfather's murder. His crime? Stealing drugs from some high level drug dealers.

Emily's flight to Canada ends a bit prematurely, though, when her aging car goes on the fritz. She finds a job in a diner in Ely working for Stella and Merle, an Alpha and Omega couple who have lived in Ely since the beginning. The fifties-style diner is a hub of the community. It's on her first day at work that she meets Ian McKellan and his friend Toby. Their connection is instantaneous.

Ian wants nothing more than to claim Emily. Her first impression of him wasn't the greatest. He develops a plan to make things right. Just when things are going well, the past comes back to disrupt their happy world.

And with that teaser, I'll leave you thinking about Ian and Emily.

I hope to extend this series much longer than what I have in the past. I'll say this--it will definitely be more than a trilogy.

Hope to see you on the flip side!



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