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New blog and a few updates

After some issues with Blogger, I've decided to move my blog to the one my web host provides as part of their hosting package. There will be a bit of a mess until I can get things sorted out, but expect to see at least one to two posts a week. I will slowly transition my short stories, flash fiction, and poetry to this site.

And for those die-hard fans, look forward to seeing a part two to the short story "The Doll House" I wrote some time back. A co-worker gave me high praise by saying it was "creepy" and that if I would add more to it, it could give Stephen King a run for his money. I don't know about that, but as long as the stories continue to give something positive to others, I'm glad to continue writing.

So here are a few updates on upcoming works for 2020:

-The Doll House will have an addition. Just for you, Scotty!

-Mountain Giants will have an addition. Just for you Lisa!

-My collected works of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry will come back on Amazon and will be free in KU. Otherwise it will be around the $0.99USD range until I have enough material to fill it out to novella length.

-Simone came back from the editor and is in the final editing stage. I plan to release it in late summer or early fall. Of course, my readers can influence that decision by commenting on my social media or even sending emails. You all know I love teasing you about my twisted writing.

-I don't have An Assassin's Love back from my editor yet. I'm not in a rush to get this one out. It may be a November/December 2020 release.

And as always, the wheels in my head continue to spin. I have several synopses of upcoming works written and am working on three or four works at this time. Yes, craziness, but it keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Finally, August 22 will bring me to Lexington, Kentucky for the Readers Envy Legendary Bookbash. I'll be posting more about that here, in my newsletter, and on my Facebook author page

Thank you for dropping by! Until we meet again.



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