Hidden Gems Dark Omegaverse Series

In a post-apocalyptic world just recovering from The Great War, Omegas are disappearing. No recorded births have occurred in the past thirty years. At least, that’s what everyone believes. Baron can’t believe his luck when an Omega stumbles into his life after his plot for revenge goes horribly wrong. Even better, she enters estrus unexpectedly. Baron claims his mate but hasn’t any clue how to treat his Omega. He can’t understand why she doesn’t react well to his need to control every aspect of her life. By the time he realizes the right way to approach her, Hailey is gone. Things are complicated by the sudden appearance of an underground government intent on creating an army of feral Alphas with the sole purpose of waging war on mankind.


Can Baron find Hailey in time? Or will he lose her to One World’s breeding program?


Dark. Intense. Twisted. Sexy as hell. Are you ready for Baron and Hailey? (This book contains mature/triggering content intended for adults 18+ only.)

Warning: This book is a dark omegaverse m/f story. If you are unfamiliar with the omegaverse trope, it is highly recommended you research it before purchasing this book. The book contains mature content and potentially triggering material intended for adults 18+. If you are offended or triggered by such material, please do not buy the book.

Claiming An Alpha's Heart is coming exclusively to Amazon on April 2020! Links will be posted soon.


Evan Quinn left Jade Island in search of more information on Omegas. He wanted to know more about why no Omega births were recorded in the past thirty years. Now with not one, but over a dozen Omegas appearing out of thin air, Evan wants answers. The last thing he expected was to have a beautiful Omega dropped into his lap. 

Emmy Rowe never knew love. Her guardians blamed her for their misfortunes. She manages to survive on her own after their deaths--until she's kidnapped and told she has to work in a house of ill repute. A mysterious man rescues her. Then he drops her into a wealthy Alphas lap. There's just one problem--the Alpha is only after one thing. 

Evan finally realizes his mistake. An Omega this rare should be claimed and protected. Just when he thinks Emmy is safe, One World appears out of nowhere. Their plan to take Omegas hostage places Emmy in danger. 

Can Evan protect Emmy? Or will One World succeed in taking Emmy and the other Omegas to their prison for use in their breeding program? 

Claiming An Alpha's Heart is a dark omegaverse m/f romance. It contains mature and potentially triggering content intended for adults 18+. Please do not purchase this book if you are offended or triggered by material of this nature.



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