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Hidden Gems Dark Omegaverse Series Book One

Coming February 7, 2020

Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

Hailey Knowles fled Withershear Garrison after the last Beta died. She survived the crash-landing on Jade Island. A rich woman who bears a striking resemblance to her makes an offer she can’t refuse. An offer this sweet has to have strings attached. By the time she realizes what those strings are, she’s held prisoner by an Alpha with a score to settle with the woman who set her up.


Baron Michaels is an Alpha with a vendetta. Torture the woman who betrayed him with his enemy. But there’s a problem. A young doppelgänger is taken by mistake. By the time he learns the truth, she’s been punished in his ex-fiancée’s place. But that’s not all. The woman is an Omega who hasn’t taken heat suppressants in the three days she’s been held in his mansion. Baron can’t fight Alpha instincts when the beautiful Omega suddenly goes into estrus. By the time he realizes his mate needs more than punishment and isolation, she’s taken by an underground government determined to raise an army of feral Alphas. Can Baron save his mate in time? Or will One World force her into their breeding program?


Doppelgänger is a dark, twisted, erotic m/f Omegaverse romance. It is a sequel series to The Hunter by A.R. Ford.


Warning: This book is a dark omegaverse m/f story. If you are unfamiliar with the omegaverse trope, it is highly recommended you research it before purchasing this book. The book contains mature content and sexual situations as well as potentially triggering material (kidnapping, physical violence, power exchanges) intended for adults 18+. If you are offended or triggered by such material, please do not buy the book.

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