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New Release! Book Two of the Warner Series

Nick thought his life was over after a painful divorce. Then he met Leah. She’s sassy and drop-dead gorgeous. And someone wants her dead. To protect her, he must put a wall between them. Now he can’t find her. Can Nick protect Leah and win her heart? Or will someone assassinate her before he has the chance?


Leah has been on her own since she was sixteen. Her mother loved drugs more than she did her daughter. Then she met Nick. Just when she thinks there’s hope, that love is real, Nick pushes her away. She tries to forget about him. He even haunts her dreams. Can Nick save and love her? Or is it too late to think about the future?


Instalove. Romance. Steamy. Twisted. Dig deep into the dark web while Knight Security partners with the feds to bring down an organized crime boss before he assassinates one of their own. And enjoy an HEA you won't want to miss.

Warning: This book contains material intended only for adults 18+.

Read a free two-chapter sample. Just click on the PDF icon. 

Available for preorder!

Goes live January 11, 2020

Dirty Rotten Bastard is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo. 

Colt Lancaster is everything we want a billionaire to be. He's hot, single, rotten, and dirty to the core. 

A weekend spent with his arch enemy's sister brings serious consequences. 

Can Colt do what he needs to do to move forward? Or will he remain the same dirty, rotten bastard?

Purchase links coming soon. In the mean time, why not read a free 2-chapter sample? Simply click on the pdf icon to download. 


Our world changed after The Great War.

One World tried to take over.

But we fought back.

The resistance called me The Hunter.

Brutal. Cold. Ruthless.

I’ve lived alone in these woods for years.

Until she came stumbling into my arms.

I don’t know how to love.

By the time I figure it out, she’s gone.

I have to find her and make things right.

Will I be able to erase the past so we have a chance at a future?

The Hunter is a post-apocalyptic, dark, erotic romance. It is a dark, twisted tale of people surviving in the wasteland. Things are different now. Society struggles to survive. And sometimes people take what they want without asking. Two men struggle to make things right with the women they realize they love. Is it too late? Or can they find a way to their happily-ever-after? 


Warning: This book contains profanity, violence, sexual situations, and other material intended only for adults 18+.

Read a two-chapter sample for free. Just click on the PDF icon. 


The gang held me captive for years.

Forced me to cheat so they could get rich.

I thought I had escaped until I ran into him.

Right into his arms.

He takes what he wants without asking.

Just when I think he’s changed, his past walks into our future.

I run and hide, anything to get away from his lies.

That’s when Dreven shows his ugly face.

Will he end our future before it ever begins?

forever cover.jpg

From author A. R. Ford comes a new erotic romance. Forever My Knight is a mesmerizing, passionate tale of love, betrayal, and intense chemistry between two people who can’t walk away from each other.


Lukas Knight, CEO of Bright Enterprises, is a computer programming and cyber security genius. Lukas is happy to continue thriving in the business world until he meets Sarah Ross. Lukas wants only to bring her happiness, to erase the sadness in her eyes. Sarah is the woman of his dreams. In order to protect her, he must break her heart.


Sarah Ross is still reeling after her world was torn apart. The best man attacked her on the night of the rehearsal dinner. Her fiancé jilted her the next day. What should have been the happiest day in her life turned into months of crippling depression, fear, and self-doubt. It isn’t easy for Sarah to trust Lukas Knight after a chance meeting at a popular bar. She soon learns he is not a typical man.


But when a threat from her past returns, can Sarah put her fears to rest and trust Lukas to protect her?

Check out the review recently posted on the Dark and Stormy Nights blog (http://thedarkandstormyknights.vegvisirmedia.com/):


Mature content warning: This book contains mature content including numerous sexual situations, stalking, and violence that is intended only for readers 18+.

Read the first two chapters for free! Simply click on the pdf icon. 



A. R. Ford is a life-long resident of the Appalachian Mountains. She works as a licensed clinical social worker in the substance use treatment field. She enjoys quilting, reading, and traveling. Ms. Ford lives with her husband, daughter, and two adorable fur babies. 

Forever My Knight, Ms. Ford's debut novella, was published November 15, 2019. Since that time she has published two others novellas. 



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