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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of the events I was scheduled to attend in 2020 have been postponed. I am considering attending a virtual signing if there is enough interest from my readers. Simply Romance Con in Gatlinburg, TN has not released a date for the 2021 event. For information on admission, events, etc. visit this link:

I will be adding events to my calendar below.

My books are available exclusively on If you obtained the book from any other source, please let me know. Book pirates often offer books for free or at a discounted rate. In many instances, these pirates steal your personal information and the files are filled with viruses and trojans.


Each image is linked to its own landing page where you will find a blurb plus links to the Amazon page in each country where you may purchase the book. You may also visit my Amazon author page located at

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Coming Soon!

An Assassin's Love is with the editor. (release date pending)

Dominic is an assassin who cares for one thing and one thing only--seeking justice for those who are unable to seek it on their own. He puts down the rabid dogs of the world--the dark underbelly of the world that gets away with their crimes time and time again. He doesn't have time for relationships or women. Until he meets Skye. 

Skye just wants to be able to make it through grad school. Her plans of becoming a CPA depend on successful completion of a master's program in accounting. Her parents' unexpected divorce places her future on shaky ground. A job at a local bar and grill just might save the day. At least, she thought it would until the night she met the owner's mystery partner--a man who mistakenly puts a gun to her head when  he thinks she's a burglar. 

There's so much more to Skye than meets the eye. An Alpha like Dominic picks up on the heady Omega scent the instant he holds her in his arms. There's no question in his mind she's his Omega. And hell hath no fury like an Alpha who learns someone threatens the life of his Omega and unborn child. 

These aren't your typical Alphas and Omegas. Are you ready to meet Dominic and Skye? 

Vampire Passions Duet

Simone, Book One is now live on Amazon. My editor returned this to me in early June. I'm editing and getting this ready for beta readers. I hope to go live in early fall with this paranormal romance novella. More purchase links coming soon!

Simone Moriarty hates what she has become. A vampiress cursed to walk this earth until someone puts her out of her misery. There's just one problem. Gareth Cross is a centuries-old vampire who is intent on claiming Simone as his own. 

Madonna and Wham heat up the club scene in the 1980s. But they're not the only ones making waves. Simone is drawn to the dark, charismatic vampire she first meets in a club in Richmond, Virginia. He tries to claim her but she's gone before he can follow through. Months pass before they meet again in southern California. This time Simone can't say no to the man who stole her heart and fires her blood like no other man has. 

And then she learns the truth. She's nothing but a pawn in Gareth's sick, twisted game to gain power in the vampire world. By the time he figures out Simone is anything but a casual fling, she disappears without a trace. Their time together sets in motion a centuries-old edict to save everyone from certain death. But fighting the oldest vampire in the world on his home turf isn't as easy as it appears. 

Can Gareth convince Simone his feelings are real? Or will Malachi follow through on his plans to rule the world? 

Vampire Passions Duet

Gareth, Book Two (release date pending)

Gareth Cross lost the woman he loves to a fate worse than death. Simone is now in the clutches of a vampire so evil every vampire coven trembles as his plan to gain power is revealed. 

Now Gareth is determined to bring Simone safely home. Traitors far and wide intercede to hamper is plan. There's one thing none of them counted on--Gareth and Simone want the same thing. They've sworn allegiance to each other after realizing their love for each other. 

But bringing down a vampire as powerful as Malachi won't be easy. Can Gareth destroy Malachi in time to save Simone? Or has he lost her forever?



A.R. Ford is a proud life-long resident of the Appalachian Mountains where she lives with her husband and two adorable fur babies round out their family. Ms. Ford is an avid reader, book reviewer, and author with a flair for dark, twisted stories that do not always end in a happy ever after. She swears by the advice that it is never too late to start working on that bucket list of self-fulfilling goals. When preparing to write, Ms. Ford enjoys a cup or three of freshly brewed coffee and her favorite YouTube playlist.


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